Kingdom Shaker's exist to win lost souls , placing them in Christian relationships that will help them grow and honor the name of Jesus by seeking God's purpose for their life.

is our word for Evangelism

is our word for Fellowship

is our word for Discipleship

is our word for Ministry

is our word for Worship


Core Values

- To hold one another accountable out of love
Character - To live in the character and integrity of God
Teamwork - To work in unity towards our goals
Servanthood - To go beyond the call of duty

Assistant Director: Patricia Jones


Contact Us

Center of Attraction Outreach
4375 S. Washington Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 777-1660

Every Thursday at 7:30 pm
Transportation is available


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4375 S Washington Rd · Saginaw, MI 48601 · Phone and Fax: (989)777-1660
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